Legends of Dinger

A long time ago in the land of Pawlandia, Dogs and Cats coexisted. Despite their differences, they have a harmonious and beneficial relationship. Dogs who have the power of 4 elements protect their territory and its citizens while the Cats help provide everyone’s needs. All are equal, and they have lived peacefully.

Until one day, a group of rebellious and violent Dogs dominated the land. They call themselves the “Dodgy”. They are against the idea that Dogs and Cats are equal because they believe that Dogs must be exalted for they are all powerful while Cats… are just cats. The group has prepared for this coup d'état and were able to eliminate the Dogs that have fought against them and enslave all Cats. A once peaceful land became catastrophic.

Cats cannot do anything about their situation and just accepted the fact that they have to live with fear and suffering in the hands of the Dodgy. Their hope is nowhere to be found.

But then, Nelo: the God of the “purr”gotten (Cats that have been neglected), saw their agony. He created “Dinger” to be the source of hope and strengths of the Cats. Dinger is the only creature that has all four power elements and is capable of granting the Cats an ability. Each Cat may receive either of the four elements; earth, wind, water or fire.

Because of this, Cats are no longer the underdog. They are now the Dinger Squad with the skill and power to go and fight for their life!

Will the Cats be able to redeem their land to the Dodgy?

It will now depend on you! Come and join us on this adventure!

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